Mātei Latvijai White/Black T-Shirt


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“Latvia loves all it’s children”
We all have human rights, and they are guaranteed by our Constitution. We all have a right to safety and protection. The state is created by each of us individually and all of us together – we are all equals before the law.

Freedom is hard to win and easy to lose. Democracy is fragile – we all need to defend it and strengthen it. Courage leads to courage.

Get inspired from professor Sanita Osipova and others who have stood up for the seemingly obvious – our freedom, our human rights.

Support our fight for human rights here in Latvia, show your courage and love for Latvia by wearing this “Latvia loves all it’s children” t-shirt!

All proceeds from the sale will go towards the legal protection of all Latvia’s families.

* Prof. Sanita Osipova, Professor at Faculty of Law, University of Latvia, former Chairwoman of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia.

Made from:
• 100% cotton